A Study In Banjo Lessons

A Study In Banjo Lessons

Ah, I remember the good old days when I had my first banjo lesson. Actually, it wasnt exactly my first lesson. I had been using the internet to improve my skill for a while, and I was slightly conceited since I thought I had some idea about what I was doing. I watched videos of a real expert playing the banjo while the tabs were available as well. I learned a few songs and techniques that sounded interesting, but that was about the extent of my knowledge.


When I had my first real lesson, it broke down all those illusions I had of being a decent player. I tried to show off, but as soon as his deep eyes met mine I missed a chord. It was my first time to ever play any instrument in front of anyone, and I didnt think I would get nervous. After all, Ive always been a gifted public speaker. The only one in the room was my teacher, and I was having a terrible time.

Im having a hard time seeing my future in banjo playing, especially since I cant even whack up the ginger to play something in front of my own teacher. Hes a nice guy, and he can play the banjo like no other. Hes already taught me several exercise I can use for my next lesson. Its also a great experience just to watch him play, since his skill far outweighs mine. I just hope I will sound at least slightly more decent the next time I have a lesson.

But if I always freeze up when I try to play at my lessons, Im worried that my instructor will never be able to give me the help I truly need. Its impossible to get feedback and constructive criticism if everything I play is absolute garbage. I think I will start recording my lone practice and playing it back for him. Hopefully I wont freeze up just knowing that he will be listening to it soon