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Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever

Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever

Evidence of the extraordinary longevity of tattoos has finally been discovered, in a mummified Mayan female whose panoramic tattoos have lasted almost two thousand years.


Tattoo artists were ecstatic at the discovery, immediately citing the mummy as proof that once youre lucky enough to have a tattoo, you can forget about upkeep.

On the other hand, those who have decorated themselves with tattoos but in later years regretted the colorful self-mutilation, were widely distressed by the discovery. As one man with a prominent tattoo on the pierced tip of his nose told us, I suspect when Im finally old enough to feel really stupid about this tattoo itll still be here., Now, I know if I want to get rid of it, Ill have to fork over the bucks for plastic surgery.

Curiously enough, the mummys bones revealed what at first appeared to be dichotomous lifestyles. She was apparently motherly, because bone evidence revealed that she had given birth to a child, but a variety hardly motherly clubs were also found buried with her.

An archaeologist explained the seeming duality of tender sentiment and weaponry by stating, My theory is that she went to the grave, regretting the tattoos and asked to be buried with clubs so she could ward off any evil spirits who might arrive to apply even more tattoos.

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