Are you going to buy an MP3 player?

Are you going to buy an MP3 player?

If you wish to buy a Mp3 player then you should be clear as what you are going to bring in home. Mp3 player is an effective tool for them who have moved their music collection to their computers because they are digital without any movable parts.


While shopping you should take care of the following:

1. Mp3 players can range anywhere from $60 to $500 for example Apple iPod. There are many popular Mp3 players available in the market such as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic.

2. You should go for a player with storage that you can easily afford. Player with more storage capacity can hold more music. Since one minute of Mp3 music takes approximately one megabyte of memory therefore 128 megabyte Mp3 player can hold two hours of tunes. In small Mp3 players storage is made of flash memory chips.

3. To make your player purchase worth you should make sure that your player works with your computer because many mp3 players dont work with Macintosh computers.


4. You should try all controls of the player you are going to purchase. Inexpensive players have control panels that work minimum.

5. Get an idea of the size and weight of the player so that if you want to carry it in your pocket or belt you can easily do so.

6. You should check the life of the battery as advertised because the claims made by the manufacturers are not exact very often.

7. Choose an mp3 player unit with a USB connection or Fire wire instead of parallel connection to your computer. This is because Fire wire is fast and flexible.


8. You can also choose from a player having a radio Fm receiver so that you could easily download music from the radio and identify the music and artist each time you connect the player to the computer.

9. Give preference to players having expandable storage such as Compact Flash, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick. There are also new models available with extra storage that can store more computer data.

10. Listen to the Mp3 player and also use stereo headphones. If you dont like normal headphones you can choose from wide variety available.