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Getting Together With Your Girlfriends

Getting Together With Your Girlfriends

Sixty-one percent of women report they get more laughs from the time they spend with their girlfriends than from anything else they do. Female friendships are a constant source of amusement and inspiration and, according to a recent survey commissioned by Red Bicyclette wines, 82 percent of women wish they had more time with their girlfriends.


However, while two in three of respondents report that “girl time” becomes increasingly important with age-when dorm rooms and part-time jobs are replaced by spouses, houses, kids and careers-quality time with “the girls” often gets pushed aside.

Women who want to reclaim this special time, even if only for an afternoon, can host a Ros Soire that celebrates warm weather and good friends. The rules are few: No pagers, cell phones, boyfriends, husbands or hang-ups. And the requirements simple: good food, wine, conversation and casual fun.

Think Pink

Pink is traditionally associated with all things female. Pink is also the color of Ros wine, an excellent warm-weather sipper.


Flower Power

Make a big statement with a high-impact dcor item, such as flowers. Select fire-engine red and hot pink of gerbera daisies to add a playful splash of color and liven up any space.


Stock up on small bites so you can stay with your guests and out of the kitchen. Prosciutto sandwiches on minibaguettes served with a simple avocado and grapefruit salad is a light, easy meal…and leaves plenty of room for dessert. Pink-frosted cupcakes and oversized bowls filled with pink jellybeans are excellent sweet nibbles.



Serve a well-chilled glass of wine such as the new 2005 Red Bicyclette French Ros. Numbers to know: One bottle of wine pours about six servings.


Get together for serious pampering…spa style! Encourage guests to leave their stress and shoes at the door. Set the mood with soft music, aromatherapy candles, and a glass of Ros. Offer baskets with plenty of pink masks, scrubs and massage creams for your friends to enjoy. DIY or really spoil your guests by hiring an esthetician.


Check out a salon or beauty school for someone to perform at-home treatments.

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