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Is it REALLY Safe Getting Free MP3 Downloads Using File

Is it REALLY Safe Getting Free MP3 Downloads Using File

Is it REALLY Safe Getting Free MP3 Downloads Using File Sharing Networks?


Many people use P2P file sharing networks to get free MP3 downloads – and variety of other free file downloads including; movies, games, ringtones, videos, tv shows and software files.

However, the truth is that in using a free P2P file sharing network, you could be putting your computer and online privacy at risk. And if that’s not bad enough, using a free MP3 downloads file sharing program could also get you in serious trouble with the RIAA and the MPAA.

It’s no secret that the RIAA has been actively seeking out music file sharers online who illegally download or share copy-righted music online. And recently, the MPAA has started their own campaign to sue file sharers that are downloading and sharing movies illegally as well.

Furthermore, besides possible RIAA MPAA copy-right infringement lawsuit risks, there’s more to be concerned about. In using file sharing networks to get free MP3 downloads, there are a variety of hidden dangers you need to be aware of, including these top risks …


The Risks of Using File Sharing Networks:

1) Adware – Most file sharing networks have adware installed in their software programs. Adware, advertising-supported software, is a business model that works by large media companies offering shareware developers banner ads to put in their products. In return, the media companies provide the software developers a portion of the revenue generated from the banner sales. The truth is that adware will load your pc with large amounts of unwanted advertising and can cause a variety of computer system problems.

2) Spyware – Spyware is often installed in shareware downloads, including free MP3 music download networks. Spyware secretly sneaks around in the back-round of your computer gathering information about you and your surfing habits. Spyware has the ability to perform activities hidden to you – and can even change files and your computer system settings.

3) Spoofing – Many P2P file sharing networks are stuffed with corrupt and fake files. Spoofing occurs when you start a free MP3 song download, but instead of your MP3 song being downloaded, you get a corrupted music file, or a 20 to 30 second music loop that continues on for about 3 – 4 minutes. There is talk on the net that the RIAA may be behind many of these spoofing tactics as a way to get people to pay for legal MP3 downloads.


4) Pornography – Pornography is a very serious problem with P2P file sharing networks. Every P2P network user should be aware that porn peddlers camouflage their software as a new game download or free MP3 downloads files to get you to click on the link. Once you click you’ll be redirected to a porn site – it’s sneaky and a very serious problem if children get access to file sharing networks.

Free MP3 Downloads Summary:

So is it safe getting free MP3 downloads using file sharing networks? The truth is that controversy, dangers and risks continue to surround the use of P2P file sharing networks.

Furthermore, the possible RIAA and MPAA copy-right infringement lawsuit risks are very real. It’s critical to learn all you can about a file sharing network before using it. A little caution and common sense goes a long way when looking to download music online.


And remember, there are many affordable legal music sites available for you to choose from that are risk-free and worry-free. You can even find a good selection of free legal music download sites that give you 100% free legal music.

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