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Jimmy Hoffa Continues To Evade FBI

Jimmy Hoffa Continues To Evade FBI

As the FBI, operating on a tip from a prisoner who reported witnessing suspicious activity on the night of Jimmy Hoffas disappearance, continued to search for the former teamster leader, he was somehow still able to evade capture.


Although Mr. Hoffa disappeared over fifty years ago, no sign of him or his remains have been detected, despite numerous tips of eithers possible whereabouts.

Given the run-ins the teamster boss had with the FBI during the period when he was definitely alive, some observes say it is no wonder he refuses to be located.

This week, the cement floor of the oldest barn on the property where the teamster boss of yore may be hiding out was dug up and, while at a certain depth a color change was noted in the soil, there was, at the end of the dig, still no sign of Jimmy.

The small town near the farm where the search is ongoing has begun to deal with the excavation by treating it lightly. A local bakery has created a new hit, which it calls Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes. They consist of an earth-chocolate cupcake with a green hand reaching out of it and, according to the owners of the bakery, the new creation has become their hottest-selling item. Despite his obvious skill at evasion, Mr. Hoffa has not yet dared appear at the bakery to purchase one.


Meanwhile, back at the farm, despite the efforts of diggers with heavy equipment, forensic experts, and search dogs, there was, at weeks end, still no sign of Mr. Hoffa.

A forensic expert on the scene noted, “You’d think we’d find him. He was born in February of 1913, so by now he should have slowed down quite a lot.” He added, “But, since he disappeared way back in 1975, you’d think the authorities would decide it’s finally time to put the lid on the search.

However, as you know, the FBI always gets its man a policy that should serve as a warning to Osama Bin Laden and his associates of evil. They may have evaded capture till now, but, with the feds on their trail, they should know that no cave is too deep, no mountain too high.

The FBI never gives up, even after youre out of circulation, one way or another.

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