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Music A pure joy

Music A pure joy

Music has been an inevitable part of our day to day life. Be it the chirping of birds, babbling of babies or the rhythm of nature you will find music everywhere. When you listen and hear sweet music tunes you are left behind with the weaving magic of one of its kind.


It is around 50,000 years back that music has evolved and now it seems to be an integral part of our body and soul. Music plays a great role in our lives:

1. It has been found in a research that children listening to music are more likely to become engineers, doctors and computer professionals because of the fact that music learning develops certain important areas of the brain responsible for reasoning and language. Therefore, it is also known for sharpening memory of an individual.

2. A child who has taken birth from the womb of a mother who had listened music is much intelligent than others.

3. Music is used widely in many therapeutic purposes so as to heal mental problems and other learning disabilities in a person. It also heals diseases such as hypertension, brain trauma and provides relaxation during stress.


4. It teaches a person how to coordinate, self express himself, work in a team, and follow discipline.

5. Even plants are known to thrive towards music as they too respond to sound in the same way as a human does.

6. Music brings a devotee closer to his god and this is the reason why religious hymns lifts up heaviness of the mind and frees the soul.

7. It is also used for meditative properties used for training, healing, exercising and releasing tensions.


8. People perform better when music is played because it erases the mental tension and introduces lightness in the body.

9. Music and songs have always captured feelings, passions, agony, and distress more efficiently during love and romance.

10. It is also used by scientists to map behavior and functions of the human mind.

Classical music is known to soothe and open the channels of the mind whereas rock music sets your pulses to racing and chants can send you to trace. The future of music business has also taken manifolds in the recent times due to these advantages. Music has different effects upon various human beings depending upon the use.

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