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Music Artist Bo Bice Bio

Music Artist Bo Bice Bio

Bo was nicknamed “Bogart” by his grandmother as a child and it was later shortened to “Bo.” Bo first made a real mark in regards to music when at the age of 13, he won a local school competition. When Bo was a kid however, the family moved around the South frequently, they lived in Georgia , Alabama , and Florida ; including the metro area of Atlanta .


When Bice was 15 years old the family moved to England in 1990, as part of Bo’s fathers European assignment with Coca-Cola in London . Bo would have graduated from high school in 1994 but in fall of 1993 he dropped out of high school just before turning 18 to move back to Alabama , where he earned his GED and attended some classes at Calhoun Community College . It was around this time when Bo worked with some English alternative rock musicians and upon graduating Calhoun and spending a semester at the University of North Alabama in Florence, Bo turned into a professional musician and performed in shows all across the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe.

For the 2005 season, American Idol producers raised their required age limit from 16-26 to 16-28 and although Bo did not quite fit the Idol mold, he decided to try out. He was one of the oldest contestants to audition and participate on American Idol, as well as being the oldest contestants to have progressed the farthest in the singing competition. A southern rocker in musical approach and appearance, Bo did not fit into the normal American Idol mold but since he was so different he became a fan favorite. In addition to his rocker ways, his early performance of The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post” drew raves from the judges and established him as one of their favorites in the competition.

In Alabama , May 24 was declared “Bo Bice Day” by Governor Bob Riley. In fact, Bo’s pride in being an Alabama native resulted in the adoption of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s hit ” Sweet Home Alabama ” as his “theme” during his run on American Idol.

On June 15, 2005, Bo married long-time girlfriend Caroline Fisher in Helena . After being signed to RCA Records, Bo’s first single was released June 21, 2005, and it was his version of “Inside Your Heaven”. The single debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and #1 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart. In late July 2005 it was certified Gold. The Bices’ first child, a son named Aidan Michael Bice, was born on September 24, 2005.


Bo’s solo debut album, The Real Thing, was released on December 13, 2005. It opened at #4. The Real Thing has the seventh-highest opening for a debut album by an American Idol finalist; it is also noteworthy that Bo Bice is one of several non-winners to achieve good success in record sales.

On September 12, 2006, Bo released a cover of The Chambers Brothers 1968 smash hit, “Time Has Come Today,” through various legal digital music download sites. The song, which does not appear on The Real Thing, is the theme song for a new Monopoly commercial. It has been rumored to be Bo’s new single and possibly a track on his second major album.

Bo Bice’s second album, to be released on indie label StratArt, is tentatively titled American Blood. The albums release date has yet to be announced. Bo Bice will be going on a concert tour soon. Buying Bo Bice concert tickets from a ticket broker is recomended as his concert tickets will be going fast.

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