Ordering a Personalized Photo Pillow

Ordering a Personalized Photo Pillow

Many individuals are purchasing a photo blanket either for someone that they know or for themselves. A photo blanket is a great way to transform a traditional photograph into something so much more. A photo blanket is sometimes placed in a safe location and preserved for the future, but many individuals actually use their photo blanket when resting, reading, or watching television. If you are interested in ordering a photo blanket or you already own one did you know that you can order a personalized photo pillow to match your blanket?


If you are interested in purchasing a personalized photo pillow to go along with your photo blanket then you should have a number of options to choose from. It is important to remember that you should first find an individual or company who produces personalized photo pillows before fully developing your idea. This is because each company or individual may have different pillow products. The two most common types of pillows used to create a personalized photo pillow are large bed size pillows or small couch pillows.

When selecting a larger size pillow to use it is likely that your picture will have to be enlarged. If you would prefer not to have the picture enlarged or for some reason it cannot be done there are other alternatives. The company or individual making your personalized photo pillow may allow you to add another picture to one side of the pillow. Two pictures on one pillow is a great way to distinguish between the past and the present; however, it may increase the cost of the pillow.

If you are interested in purchasing a smaller sized pillow it is possible to purchase a couch pillow. A couch-sized pillow is great when trying to match a photo throw blanket to a personalized photo pillow. Since the size of the pillow is smaller, the price is likely to be less than that of a large size photo pillow. The size of the pillow often limits one photograph to the pillow; therefore, if you like the idea of two photographs on one pillow you may be required to purchase a larger size pillow.

A personalized photo pillow makes a great gift for special friends and family members. Although a personalized photo pillow makes a great gift it does not have to be one. You can purchase yourself a customized pillow to use or keep as a family memento. Photo pillows are great on their own; however, they are even better when purchased with a photo blanket.