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Personalize Your Pod

Personalize Your Pod

We humans are a territorial bunch. We have reached the point in our civilisation that we dont mark our space the same way as our animals do, but still, we love nothing more than individualizing the things we use every day and making them our own. As children at school, we scrawled our names over our copybooks, and drew doodles to mark things as our own. As we age, our personalizing attempts grow more sophisticated. From our homes to our cell phones, though, we continue to make our mark by using the colors, shapes and sounds we love to make a thing look more like ours.


And thankfully, the good people who brought us the amazing music system that allows us carry our whole music collection in the palm of our hand have realized that personalizing the things we hold dear is one of the things we love best. While the music you listen to individualizes your iPod in an auditory way, now you can signal that the device is your own with just a simple glance. The iPod tattoo is here.

Whether you are a technical guru or are someone who enjoys their gadgets without having to understand how they work, you can create your own iPod tattoo with relative ease. Using Photoshop to make your own image or logging on to HPs website to avail of their helpful tools, you can choose precisely the image you want to make your iPod stand out from the crowd.

You can literally give your iPod any look you like, and change it again when the mood strikes. Choose from a range of images already available, or even use a picture or image of your own for that really unique look as long as the picture can be converted into a computerized digital file, you are on your way to owning an iPod that will really be all your very own.

The iPod has created a musical craze that is a real gift for any music lover. With devices that can store enough music to keep you entertained on a desert island in a format that fits into the palm of your hand, its no wonder that these digital music players are so popular. But with an iPod tattoo, you can move beyond the crowd by creating a player that is undeniably your own, allowing you to enjoy the amazing technology that is shared by so many in a totally unique way.

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