So You Want To Be A Nurse

So You Want To Be A Nurse

There are many options available for anyone who is interested to pursue a career in nursing. The demand for healthcare professionals are continuously on the upswing so there is a positive demand for them in the years to come.


The following are some of the options available for anyone who is interested to pursue a career that is related in the medical field that is related in some way to nursing.

Those who cannot do, assist

For those who are still weighing their options whether to pursue a full-fledged career in nursing or to just simply try out at first if nursing is indeed the career for them, there is a short course available for them to study.

Being a CNA or a certified nursing assistant only requires a short period to study. The period usually range from about a month or two or more. After the course, one could immediately start a job as a CNA during which the time spent working allows you the opportunity to see for yourself a glimpse of the nursing world as well as provide you with the income to save and spend for possibly getting into a full fledged nursing program.


Be an LPN or an LVN

A Licensed Practical Nurse or a Licensed Vocational Nurse is a course of study that usually takes about one year to study, complete and finish. The Licensed Practical Nurse or the Licensed Vocational Nurse usually works directly under the physician or a Registered Nurse.

Being a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Licensed Vocational Nurse is also one of the effective means to get into nursing school and be a registered nurse. There are nursing schools that allows Licensed Practical Nurses to take courses and credits in the process of being Registered Nurses. Vocational schools are the ones that usually offer LPN courses. This process of Licensed Practical Nurses studying to become Registered Nurses will continue to increase at the same time that the demand for nurses also increase.

Registered Nurses are on demand


When one is a registered nurse, the options for promotion, education upgrade and job responsibility are a plenty. Usually, the process that went on then with regards to nurses that are studying is this: hospitals used to offer a diploma study course for those willing to study nursing. The course usually lasts three years. During this time, students lived and then worked inside their assigned hospitals. After which, they then take their boards to later become full-fledged Registered Nurses. However, now is different. There are now Associate Degrees in nursing that last for two years.

The BSN advantage

There is a course called Bachelor of Science in Nursing that usually covers most of the theoretical aspect in nursing. Recently, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is being pushed to become at least the minimum requisite for one to be actually called as a professional nurse that currently, academic programs that call from a Registered Nurse background to study Bachelor of Science Nursing degree is being seen as an ideal and sound choice for nurses who want professional advancement,

In summary, the decision to be a nurse rests on you. The choices that are available all depend on how much you are willing to spend your time, effort, energy and money on. It is important though that any decision one makes comes from the heart and the mind and that being a nurse, serving the health care profession, and serving the needs and wants of others is what you want to do, and would be happy doing for the rest of your career life.