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Star Disease

Star Disease

Having reached the peak of the mountain named “The world of Music” nothing left as to go down. The working plan sounds the following way to reach the highest point and then to go down with the same speed. The second reason is in the so-called “star” disease. The 90 % are infected and the complications are reflected in desire to start a solo carrier.


The percent correlation is the following just one ex-member of from ten bands opens his talent in solo carrier. But there is one incontestable fact that prevents solo. Its an audience. People joint together to give the support to one favorite band. When this band broke up fans are divided into several parts. Lets analyze everything. For example the number of fans equals to five millions. The band consists of five participants. When the band is over every participant has one million fans. Devoted ones leave to support their favorites.

Perhaps it is the reason of failure of many bands. Next reason is in the “hidden” talent. A lot of singers think that they are able to open the talent only solo. Some critics think it is the complication of the “star” disease. The syndrome of “hidden” talent is accompanied by being independent. But only one percent deserves the recognition. The best example is Robbie Williams who changed the style radically. The rest 99 % are left with the inferiority complex.

What is the football player without the command? What is the dancer without the partner? What is the president without the Cabinet of Ministers?What is the song without words? What is the singer without the voice?

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