Successful Job Interview Techniques

Successful Job Interview Techniques

Are you looking at changing career? Are you looking for work? Have you been invited to a job interview? Are you looking for advice about interview techniques? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this article may well be of help to you. I am going to give advice and information about how to be successful when attending a job interview.


In my opinion preparation is the key to most things in life and it certainly is for people who want to gain employment.

When I was in my early twenties, I decided to leave the company where I had worked since leaving school. I wanted to become a financial advisor and had already passed all of the relevant examinations. Now all I needed to do, was to a find a company who was willing to take me on.

I decided to join a specialist financial services agency to help me with my search. I went and met a man who had been assigned my case etc. His name was Mark and he was very professional and knew his stuff. He quickly managed to secure me an interview and asked if I would meet him so that I could have a dummy run with him. He was aware that I had not attended an interview for a number of years and probably felt that I needed the practice.

To say that he was not impressed with my interview technique was an understatement and he quickly started to give me advice of where I needed to improve.


This is what he advised me to do:

Produce a personal profile of myself. This should include my c.v, any examination certificates, any other qualifications that I have such as first aid, information about my interests and anything else that makes me look good etc. This should all be put into a quality folder and can then be presented to the people conducting the interview when they ask me to talk about myself. They will see how much effort I have put in and will hopefully be impressed.

Try to predict what questions will be asked and prepare good quality answers to these questions. This is something which sounds so obvious but which I had never done before. When you have attended each interview you then try to remember all of the questions which were asked and then add them to your list. When returning home, you then think about the best way to answer these questions in the future, if they are ever asked again.

Find out information about the company with whom the interview is with. You may be asked at the interview if you know anything about the company you are hoping to join. It will sound a lot better if you can reel off a number of important facts rather than just saying something which is obvious. To find out this type of information you can use the internet, ask friends or go to the library.


On the day of the interview it is a good idea to have a bath before you go. A bath is a well known form of relaxation and can help to soothe and loosen up your muscles.

These tips that Mark gave me soon helped me to find work and I hope that they help you in your quest to gain future employment.