The Key To Powerful Spellcasting

The Key To Powerful Spellcasting

Lets talk for a moment about one of my favorite subjects: spellcasting. You can design every spell you cast to work the first time. Impossible, right? No, not really. All you need to use is the key to effective spellcasting, which also happens to control manifestation.


This may sound difficult, but it isnt. The problem lies in the fact that most of what you read about spellcasting and manifestation seems complicated, since the simple truth is often hidden beneath a veil of mystical jargon and formulas.

I dont know about you, but I love spells. For years Ive created them for my own personal use, and for the characters in my Occult novels for women. Unfortunately, sometimes my personal spells worked, and sometimes they didnt. I couldnt seem to achieve a level of consistency in results. So I began searching for the key to effective spellcasting. And when I finally found it, I realized I had stumbled across it many times in spiritual books from several different religions. But it had always been buried in mystical rituals, fables, and parables, and never presented as simply as it really is, so I didnt recognize or understand it.

For example, in Pagan circles I had often heard the personal power of the Witch is the main factor determining the success of a spell. Similarly, I knew a spell simply cast could be just as effective as one steeped in layers of complicated ritual. Okay, but what does this really mean?

Actually, it means everything. These comments reveal the spiritual law that governs effective, successful spellcasting. Clearly stated, it says: Whatever you think and believe is what will manifest in your life. Could it be that simple? Yes! And its very powerful.


This spiritual law also explained contradictions I saw every day that troubled me. For example, why do some unspiritual people seem charmed with luck, and everything they touch prospers, while others never seem to get ahead? The answer lies in this simple spiritual law. And like all spiritual laws, you dont have to be a spiritual person to use it. In other words, these people think and believe they are lucky, and so they are. Its that simple.

With this mystery solved, I faced yet another stumbling block in my quest for effective spellcasting. I had always felt divine prosperity and healing came from outside myself, that they were gifts from the Goddess for walking my divinely ordained path. What a surprise to learn this isnt so, especially in the areas of prosperity and healing. It was definitely a shock to my belief system when I finally understood there is no ordained path of success for each of us. And you know what Im talking about. Its that path weve all been searching for, knowing when we find it everything will go well in our lives forever and ever. Now I realized Ive been given the power to determine my own path and its degree of success. All I had to do was change my thinking about it.

I also came to understand the Goddess and other Deities are not in charge of my life. Instead, they are my life partners. I have a job to do, and so do they. There are certain areas of my life I have the power to control and change, and there are other areas where I need my divine partners. Protection is one of those areas. Yet all areas of spellcasting are much more effective when I use this spiritual law to change my thinking. How simple, yet powerful!

Try this for yourself. Whether you are casting a prosperity spell or a healing spell, it will only be as effective as your thoughts on these subjects. Im not talking about affirmations repeated endlessly. Im talking about truly believing your thoughts have the power to come to pass and change your life. Because they do. And they have been doing this all your life.


Okay, now things have changed. Now you know about this spiritual law and how to use it. So change your thinking to agree with what you desire. Its that simple. When this revelation finally sinks in, youll realize you have nothing to fear in the areas of prosperity and healing but your own fearful thoughts on these subjects.

What power! Suddenly, the data coming from quantum physics makes perfect sense, and its easy to believe these scientists when they tell us words can change physical matter at a quantum level. The mystics of various religions have been saying this for ages, but they never seemed to state it clearly or simply.

Let today become a landmark in your spellcasting. First, look at every financial and healing challenge in your life, and then cast a spell to change it. Next, align your thinking to agree with the desired result of the spell. It doesnt matter if the situation looks hopeless. Chances are that hopeless situation was nurtured by your fearful thinking. Or maybe, like me, you were also waiting for your Deity to change the situation. But today you know better. Today you know you hold all the power for manifestation. Depending upon how determined you are to change your thinking, you could see positive spellcasting results within hours. I have. And so can you!