The Missing Link

The Missing Link

Getting from There to Here


You have spent a lot of time creating an online presence. You have virus protection and maybe a firewall to protect the security of your system, you have located a web host to manage your online presence, then you define the direction of your site and work at developing a look that is appealing and a format that is easy to navigate.

You might think that after all this planning and preparation your work would be done, right? Well if youre selling goods or services, you need customers. If you have a brick and mortar store then you may already have valued customers, but the ease of use in online shopping makes a global market an attractive addition to an already successful enterprise.

You may submit your site information to search engines and participate in a variety of link exchange programs, but it still might not be enough.

Many online businesses purchase a series of advertisements on amenable sites. Those advertisements drive additional customers to affiliated sites which makes online advertising so valuable.


Advertising: Where Did it Go?

What happens if you spend advertising dollars that provide no opportunity for potential clients to respond?

You may not think that something like this happens, but its actually a very common occurrence. You see, Internet site updates are an important function of proper maintenance and web site enhancement. If a site always looks the same, a media saturated society tends to become a little ho hum which is why sites are constantly updating both content and design features.

Finding the Missing Link


Thats where your difficulty starts. When site design changes, sometimes the advertisements that have already been paid for are inadvertently eliminated from the site. You paid for the advertising, you expect the advertising, but its hard to keep up with every site that will be displaying your ad.

Many web savvy site owners are discovering the value of link checker software that properly tracks the continued use of pre-paid advertising or link exchanges.

A Matter of Time and Revenue

The reason a link checker is so vital is that it can advise you when a promised link is broken. A link checker saves you time and potential lost revenue. A link checker is the perfect mechanism for providing accountability on the advertisement that you have every right to expect.


Without link checker software many web business owners find themselves checking links periodically to see if they are still active. There are even those who never give it a second thought and may miss out on adding significantly to the bottom line of their web based business.

Link Checker: Ease of Use

Link checker software allows you to pick all of the links you need to check and it will do a thorough check upon request. The design of a link checker makes it user friendly and comprehensive in its findings.

By using link checker software you can minimize missed advertising and maximize earning potential.


Even if your advertising is part of a link exchange it is important to know that the exchange is beneficial to you and a link checker makes it possible to know for sure.

Headache Relief

The cost of the software could be offset by locating problem links as quickly as possible. Be sure to check for link checker software that provides a free trial offer. A test drive of the applications of a link checker may well convince you that this is one software application that really makes solid business sense.