Theres No Money In Your Comfort Zone!

Theres No Money In Your Comfort Zone!

A fellow internet radio host recently joined the business mentoring website that I co-own with Alice Seba of Soon after, she sent me an instant message that said, You and Alice are sure drawing me out of my comfort zone!


I understood immediately what she meant. In the short period of time since she joined our site, she has completely redesigned her website and stepped up on some of the business tools that she needed to make her business run more smoothly. She was really making great progress. I shot back a quick reply, Theres no money in your comfort zone!

Thats a powerful statement! There is no money in our comfort zone!

This reminds me of some of the really unfortunate comments Ive seen on the WAHM forums and discussion lists. There are Moms who were struggling to make ends meet last year who are still struggling this year. Nothing has changed, theyre doing the same old things and their businesses arent bearing anymore fruit than they ever did. Yet they are giving advice to others bad advice at that.

The golden nugget of advice most often repeated is: You shouldnt have to pay for information to grow your business when there is so much available for free. To hear them tell it, selling information is akin to selling your body! A dirty profession! Well, if its true, if there is so much free info why arent they prospering by now?


If youre determined to keep doing the same things that youve always done to promote your business you really are stuck in a comfort zone. If what youre doing was going to work, it would have worked by now. Its time to break out of that box and start trying some tactics youve never considered before.

The scary thing about moving outside of your comfort zone is that it usually calls for an investment on your part. Whether that is putting in extra hours or extra dollars, youre going to have to stretch yourself to acquire a new mindset where your business is concerned.

The first step for Tammy was to ask for constructive criticism of her website. Some of the advice she received make it clear that she needed to loosen up the purse strings and begin to invest in her business in order to see it perform better over the long run. Im happy to report that shes taking immediate steps to do so!

What do you need to do to break out of your comfort zone? Do you need to invest some time and money into a learning product? Could you benefit from some business or life coaching? Should you sign up for a class or two to spiff up your skills? Whatever it is just do it. Yes it will make you feel uncomfortable at first but I promise you its worth it.


I know what a challenge this is, I like being comfortable! But being comfortable kept me broke and in debt. Im glad I decided to step outside my self imposed comfort zone of doing the same old-same old. I walked out into a much wider place of adventurous marketing and business development. Ive found that that is where the money is and everything else that we started our businesses for in the first place.