Tips In Selling Crafting Kits

Tips In Selling Crafting Kits

Crafting kits are a great way to bring out the crafter inside of you. They are perfect for beginners, veterans and people of all age groups. While crafting is great for recreation many people have also extended their enthusiasm to the business side of it. It has become a very popular way to run your own business, but the challenge is creating a crafting business that is going to be successful and pull in the customers.


There are several questions you need to ask yourself to such as, what is the age group that you are targeting? Is your craft kit unique and does it have something to offer that other kits similar to it do not? If not how can you make it unique? Will people be able to understand the directions easily? What is the difficulty level of the craft kit itself? There are a lot of kits out there to choose from so by examining some of these questions you will be able to make a better decision.

As soon as you have established what kind of kit you want to sell the next thing you need to do is find the right price for it. First of all, say for example you invest five dollars into making your kit, you would want to price it between fifteen or twenty dollars. That is how most crafters come up with their price, multiplying the original investment by 3 or 4. Craft kits for kids are usually best kept under ten dollars. Remember that after the initial investment of time and materials, etc. the rest is all profit.

Next step is to sell your craft kit. Craft shows are very popular, and give you the opportunity to showcase your kit and demonstrate how the customer can do the kit for themselves. Craft shows usually have an admissions fee for sellers and also bear in mind the travel and time you will put into them. Flea markets work in much the same way as craft shows.

Another way of selling your kits is by using the internet, create a website or a store. The number of customers you can potentially get can reach a very high number especially if you market it right. You can even make demo videos to show your customers on how to use your kits. Another great idea is putting your kits on www.ebay .com, it doesnt cost much to auction on ebay and your customer base can be huge.


Many times craft stores and outlets are looking for new and creative merchandise to offer at their stores as well. This can give you an idea of who wants the kits you are selling.

As in any type of selling you need to come up with an advertising and marketing plan to get your kits to entice customers. You can use many different types of marketing such as flyers, newspaper ads etc.

Always keep plenty of kits available to sell many times crafters get large orders from customers who may use them as an activity for large groups. Keep at least twice as many kits as you think you will need to cover whatever situation may come up. Always ask for feedback on what the customer thinks of your product to help you improve or to come up with new ideas.