Tips On Advancing Your Career

Tips On Advancing Your Career

Your career should essentially be in your control. In an ideal world, you would progress within your chosen company for doing your job well and doing it on time. However, whether you are looking for a deserved pay rise or you want promotion you may find that you are often overlooked in preference for employees that you believe are not as accomplished as you are. Theres no use in performing well, if the right people dont hear about it.


Networking within the company you work for may not seem like the ideal way to spend your time, however, it will ensure that your face fits. Never be afraid to put your best foot forwards and sing your own praises if necessary. When you do something noteworthy let your managers and, if necessary, their managers know. If you come up with an idea that will potentially make or save money then tell the right people about it.

Your career is important and only by taking control of its progression can you be sure it will go the way you want it to. Setting goals is a major part of this aim. With short, medium and long-term goals you will be able to micro manage every aspect of your career. Your short-term goals should be geared towards achieving your medium-term goals, which in turn should help you achieve your goals.

Write down your goals and keep track of how you are doing. Always make sure that they are achievable but rewarding. If your goals are too easy and you can reach them with little or no effort, then there is no real point. Alternatively, if your goals are too difficult you will quickly become disheartened and give up. Life can throw the occasional obstacle or unexpected gift your way and so it will be necessary from time to time to re-evaluate your position. Try to only change your short-term goals if you are worse than expected and your medium term goals if better than you had hoped.