What To Look For In Home Theatre Speakers

What To Look For In Home Theatre Speakers

Home theatres are becoming commonplace in households around the world. Offering a great place for a family to get together to view movies, television programs and even home videos, these rooms are not your typical living rooms, however. When maximum viewing potential is put into the mix of requirements, these rooms are meant to bring the movie theatre experience home and in a big way. With this in mind, some people go to great pains to ensure everything is of the best quality from the seating down to the home theatre speakers.


Not everyone can afford to buy the top of the line in everything, however. Fortunately, there are some places where corners can be cut without greatly impacting the overall viewing experience. The home theatre speakers are one consideration that can be found on a budget and still perform quite well. Shopping for the best within a budget will be important to make sure quality is king in a set that runs $200 or $2,000.

When looking for home theatre speakers, it’s wise to do the following things:

Budget: Setting a budget is a first and foremost concern. Since home theatre set ups can run into the thousands, having a dollar amount for the home theatre speakers can really assist in the process of locating the best for the family in question.

List out requirements: A lot of bells and whistles can be found even on a budget, so go ahead and list out what features are important for your personal set up. If Dolby is a must, put that down. If having a master control device included with the speakers will be necessary, jot that down, too.


Look at makes and models: With desires for home theatre speakers clearly stated and a budget set, it’s time to start researching different makes and models. Start out by finding all those that fall into the right budget range. Then weed out different designs based on the desired features. When a few potential winners are found, it’s time to hit the books, so to say.

Look at what consumer reporting agencies or magazines have said about particular makes and models and even seek out reviews from past users. The important things to consider are sound quality, warranties and overall performance. A $300 set of home theatre speakers might just happen to have better consumer reports than that $2,000 set that looks fantastic.

Home theatre speakers purchased in sets should include at least five separate speakers to create the surround sound effect. A main control device might also include a stereo receiver, but the important thing is that it takes input from the projector and or DVD player. Make sure a minimum set up is included and that past user reports are good and almost any speaker system that’s set up correctly will sound a thousand times better than a regular television set.

Shopping for home theatre speakers can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Do a little homework in advance and the purchase should be a snap.