Win Your Own Lotto

Win Your Own Lotto

When people talk about enrichment, they are usually thinking of financial enrichment. (Show me the money!) But, we can enrich many other aspects of our lives too such as: spiritual, mental, physical, and social, as examples. Winning the multi-dollar lotto is not impossible, but are you spending your life waiting for your fortune to come to you? For those of you that feel powerless at work, you have more control over your destiny than you think you do.


Why don’t you win you OWN Lotto?!? Yes, that’s right. What is stopping you from winning big in your own life?

A friend of mine owns a PC Support service called Geeks 4 Rent What started out as a hobby for him a few years ago is now his full time business. This is a guy who knew what he wanted and devoted most of his time, money, and energy to creating his own PC Support business. As someone who has worked at a Helpdesk for five years, I know that very few people have more knowledge of computers than my friend who runs Geeks 4 Rent. He is working at his dream job and gets paid very well for it. He won his own Lotto!

You can win your won Lotto if you embrace the challenge and possibility of the future. Remember the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol?” Scrooge had no desire to change. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future convinced Scrooge to change by showing him where he had been, where he was, and where he’d end up if he continued to live his life the way he did. By the end of the story, Scrooge was a changed man because he learned to embrace the future rather than be afraid of it.

Yes. Change IS scary. The unknown is scary too. Too many of us live with regret and we hold on to past mistakes. Of course, there are some regrets that we cannot overcome. But we CAN react to present events and be proactive about avoiding tomorrow’s misgivings. What do you want your future to bring? What do you want your life to look like? How will you win your own Lotto?